Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Safety hazards and how to avoid them

Alamo is committed to you and your safety

We want to do everything possible to make sure your travel is happy and safe. We urge you to take a few minutes to review this safety information before leaving our rental facility. To further ensure your safe travel, Alamo offers baby seat rentals,* as well as 24-hour roadside assistance and detailed maps.

Proceed happily

According to law enforcement officials, criminals employ a number of methods designed to distract motorists and force them to stop their vehicles. This is especially true for people criminals think may be tourists.

Deception methods include:

  • Yelling, honking, or pointing at your car as if something is wrong with it
  • Motioning or asking you to stop and lend assistance
  • Flashing headlights at your vehicle
  • Bumping your car from behind

If you experience any of the above, don't pull over or stop. Instead, drive immediately to the nearest service station or well lit public area and telephone the police (9-1-1 in most areas).

8 steps to safe and happy travel

  1. Know your route!
    Before leaving the rental counter, ask for specific directions to your destination, including applicable expressway entrances and exit numbers. Your Alamo rental agent will be happy to provide you with a local road map to help you find your way.
  2. Roll'em up!
    Keep your car doors locked and the windows up when driving or when parked.
  3. No free rides!
    No matter how innocent or needy they may appear, hitchhikers can mean bad news. Avoid them.
  4. Know your car!
    Familiarize yourself with your car's safety equipment, such as headlights and hazard lights, door locks, and spare tire, before leaving the rental place. Always fasten your seat belts.
  5. Hide your valuables!
    Lock purses, wallets, luggage, and valuables in the trunk or glove compartment.
  6. See the light!
    Should you become lost, do not pull over on the side of the road to study your map or directions. Instead, drive to the nearest well lit, populated, public place such as a service station or restaurant. And be sure to lock your car and take the keys with you.
  7. Ready, check, go!
    Always park in well lit areas and make sure you have your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle. Before entering, be sure to check inside and underneath your car. Lock your doors immediately upon entering.
  8. Make the call!
    In the rare event you feel you are being followed, proceed to a well lit populated area and call the police. In most areas throughout the United States, the police may be called by dialing 9-1-1.

MADD about Alamo!

Having fun is what vacations are all about and Alamo wants to be a part of your good times, but please remember to drive responsibly. After all, renting a car is easy, replacing a life is impossible. Don't drink and drive.

How to spot a drunk driver

For your safety, watch for these warning signs to help you identify a drunk driver:

  • A vehicle making wide turns
  • Straddling lanes or tires on the center line
  • Drifting or moving in a straight line at a slight angle to the roadway
  • Driving with headlights off at night Appearing to be drunk (e.g., eye fixation, face close to windshield)
  • Driving 10 mph below the speed limit
  • Stopping without cause or erratic braking
  • Slow response to traffic signals (e.g., sudden stop, delayed start)
  • Nearly striking an object, curb, etc.
  • Weaving or zig-zagging across the road
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road or anywhere other than a road designated for vehicles
  • Swerving
  • Tailgating
  • Accelerating or decelerating quickly

What to do if you see someone driving drunk?

Report suspected drunk drivers immediately to area law enforcement from a car phone or pay phone; provide the license plate number, description of the vehicle and the direction in which it was traveling. Do not attempt to stop the vehicle.

How to stop drunk driving?

Call 1-800 GET MADD to learn how you can become more involved, or access MADD's Web site at

* Baby seats require an advance reservation and are subject to availability. Prices will vary.